Terms and Conditions

Agreements expressly incorporated by reference, namely the Privacy Policy, and any other agreements expressly incorporated by reference make up the exclusive and entire understanding between users and SnapSaves. Amendment only occurs when a written agreement is signed and authorized by representatives of both parties. Failure to require performance of any provision shall not affect our right to provide performance at any time thereafter. Any part of the Terms and Conditions found to be invalid or unenforceable shall be given effect to greatest extent possible. There are provisions, which survive termination of Terms and Conditions.


Users of SnapSaves must be older than 13 years of age. Users must not have been suspended or removed from the Service in the past.


Agreement with Terms and Conditions includes agreement to personal responsibility when using the Service. Users will hold SnapSaves and anyone associated with SnapSaves harmless for any fees or costs, damages, liabilities, losses and expenses, connected with access to or use of "Services".

Resolving Claims

SnapSaves is headquartered in Toronto, and accessible Canada wide. Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions constitutes agreement that any dispute, claim or issue raised against SnapSaves will be brought to the jurisdiction of Toronto, Ontario. Province of Ontario and federal laws of Canada will apply. Accessing services from locations outside Ontario requires compliance with local laws as well as Federal and Ontario Provincial laws.

Warranties Disclaimer

Use of "Services" is the responsibility of the user. "Services" are provided as available and may not be the quality expected or endorsed by other. SnapSaves makes no Warranties to meet user's expectation. SnapSaves does not Warranty that "Services" will meet requirements or "Services" will be uninterrupted. SnapSaves does not warranty that SnapSaves will be error free or timely. SnapSaves disclaims all and every type of Warranty, not limited to implied warranties, warranties of merchantability, warranties of fitness, or warranties of title and non-infringement.

Third Party Claims

SnapSaves provides "Savings" to users. Users will not make claims against third party providers. Users will not make claims for "Savings" against third party providers.

Limitations of Liability

Users agree that SnapSaves is not liable for any tangible or intangible losses due to use or misuse of SnapSaves "Services". Certain jurisdictions include warranties and disallow exclusion of liability for certain damages. Some of the above limitations or exclusion of liabilities for incidental or consequential damages will not apply. Any user who is dissatisfied with portions of Terms and liabilities should discontinue use of the service. Limitation of liability extends to access or inability to access a service and any purchase of a third party product based on SnapSaves information. SnapSaves is not liable for limitations of coupons or defamatory or illegal conduct of third parties and other users that may risk or injure users. To the fullest possible extent of the law SnapSaves is not responsible or liable for consequential, punitive, incidental, or special damages whether or not SnapSaves has informed users of the possibility of such damage and where damages result from.


Users shall not upload receipts that have previously been uploaded by other users. Users will not upload receipts for products that have been purchased and returned to the store. Submitting false, counterfeit, fabricated, inaccurate, artificial or tampered with receipts in order to redeem Savings. Any action that SnapSaves finds to be inappropriate will be considered grounds for termination as outlined in Termination.


SnapSaves slogan, service name, logo and all other products are common law trademarks of SnapSaves or suppliers or licensors and may not be copied, imitated or used without prior written permission of SnapSaves. Every aspect of SnapSaves interface is trade dress or trademark of SnapSaves. Please contact SnapSaves at snapsupport@groupon.com if you would like to use any material from SnapSaves. Third party company logos, trademarks, product logo are property of their respective owners.


Damage or loss that arises due to the presence of third party advertisers is not SnapSaves' responsibility. Dealings or correspondence with third parties arising from advertising and promotions are between the user and the third party. Warranties, conditions and terms are between users and the third party and do not include or involve SnapSaves.

User's Posts

Users are responsible for all content and material posted, transmitted or shared with SnapSaves. Users will not post or share content that is the property or copyright of another person. Content sent to Snapsaves by any means should be sent with the understanding that SnapSaves has the right to use any content we receive in any way we see fit. Any content shared with SnapSaves is non confidential and SnapSaves has the right to use this content for any service we see fit.


Access to SnapSaves is available through mobile applications and personal computers. Users may be charged for data. Services will not necessarily work with all carriers or devices. Using Mobile and Desktop Services implies agreement to receive communications from SnapSaves.


Users are solely responsible for Federal, Provincial, and local taxes and tax liability that may apply to "Savings".

Privacy Policy

Agreement to the "Terms and Conditions" includes agreement with "SnapSaves Privacy Policy". Information on policies, use, collection and disclosure of personal information is outlined in "Privcay Policy".


Users participate in SnapSaves by uploading images of receipt to earn rewards. SnapSaves will offer rewards for images of receipts with proof of purchase of a Third-Party product. Rewards are awarded as points, which are displayed as a monetary value. These points have no monetary value until determined to be "Savings" as outlined in "Savings". SnapSaves determines when a receipt is acceptable and deserves rewards. SnapSaves holds sole discretion of determining which receipts are acceptable and deserve points.


Processes for redemption of money spent on third party products is outlined in "Services". Upon reaching a points value that is subject to change and at the sole discretion of SnapSaves, point rewards (displayed as a monetary value) will become "Savings". Users accumulation of points have no monetary value or worth until reaching the value determined by SnapSaves and becoming "Savings". "Savings" are subject to Additional Terms, and SnapSaves may discontinue distribution of "Savings" at any time. Eligibility to achieve and redeem "Savings", determination of whether "Savings" have been achieved, and adjustment of "Savings" are the sole discretion of SnapSaves. Prior to distribution of "Savings", any points claimed for redemptions, and "Savings" are the sole property of SnapSaves. Once a user has achieved "Savings" and requested redemption of "Savings" SnapSaves will determine if the user has achieved savings. Determination of having achieved "Savings" is the sole discretion of SnapSaves. SnapSaves will mail a physical cheque to the user at the end of each quarter. Cheque's must be sent to a home and not a P.O. box SnapSaves timeliness of mailing of physical cheques is not warrantied and is subject to change.

Tell Your Friends Bonuses

"Tell your Frined Bonuses" may be offered by SnapSaves for select periods of time. Users will achieve "Tell Your Friend Bonuses" by referring others to SnapSaves, through a referral code or URL. Bonus rates and determination of who has achieved "Tell Your Friends Bonuses" is the sole discretion of SnapSaves and may be subject to change. Users who share mobile devices or create multiple accounts in order to earn referral bonuses will not be eligible for "Tell Your Friend Bonuses". These actions will serve as grounds for SnapSaves to rescind bonuses and terminate offender's accounts.


Violation of Terms represents permission to terminate access to "Services". SnapSaves may suspend or revoke access and use of "Services" and any accounts associated with "Services" or "Savings" at any time without notice to users. SnapSaves holds sole discretion of acceptable action. SnapSaves has the right to modify "Service" and "Savings" at any time without notice to users. Users can contact customer service to terminate their SnapSaves account at any time. Outstanding fees that arise before termination will remain the obligation of the user.


SnapSaves users who do not upload a receipt (as explained in "Services") for a period of 6 months will be declared inactive. If users do not become active within 30 days after being determined "Inactive" "Savings" will be withdrawn from user's account and the account will be terminated. SnapSaves holds sole discretion of determining active and inactive users and the time period for a user to be declared "Inactive" may be subject to change.

Third Party Links

Links may be included to third party sites and content. SnapSaves does not monitor or control third party sites. SnapSaves does not endorse, adopt, sponsor or express affiliation with third party sites or content. SnapSaves accepts no responsibility for changes or updates to third party content or sites or linked to Services. SnapSaves terms and policies do not govern third party sites and contents. Any transaction or proceedings with third party content or sites is the responsibility of the user.

Accounts and Registration

Accessing features of the Service requires users to have an account. Registering for an account requires personal data to be provided. Users take full responsibility for activities that occur under their account. Users must keep information accurate and up to date. Data required includes but not is limited to email address, address, name and a password. Users will be responsible for maintaining confidentially of account name and password and notifying SnapSaves if an account is no longer secure.

Additional Terms

Agreement to these Terms and Conditions includes agreement with Additional Terms not published here, which may be posted at another time.