What does SnapSaves do?

SnapSaves provides you cash-back on everyday grocery products. Simply snap a photo of your receipt, with at least one of our offers on it, and you'll receive cash back. Upload $20 worth of savings and we'll mail you a cheque!

What devices can I use SnapSaves on?

SnapSaves Mobile can be used on a smartphone, tablet, or any desktop computer.

When do I use SnapSaves?

Use SnapSaves after you've purchased featured products, then simply snap a photo of your receipt using the app.

Which stores use SnapSaves?

SnapSaves can be used anywhere you shop for your favourite groceries.

Why should I use SnapSaves?

SnapSaves gives you cash-back on grocery products.

What do I do with a long receipt?

When uploading long receipts, take multiple photos of your receipt to ensure you capture all data - top to bottom.

What do I do if the photo is blurry?

If you can't read the receipt, then neither can we. Simply hit the 'redo' button and snap the photo again.

How do I share SnapSaves with friends?

Go to the 'Refer A Friend' section of the app and invite your friends. When they join SnapSaves, you'll get paid!

Can I redeem more than one offer on my receipt?

Yes! Snap a photo of your receipt and select all applicable offers you've purchased. Each receipt can be approved only once, however if the receipt was rejected, you can upload it again.

How do I request a cheque?

Go to 'My Account' page and select 'Request a Cheque'. Your cheque can be requested upon reaching $20.

How often can I redeem each product?

Please refer to each featured product's terms and conditions.

When do offers expire?

Offers expire when a) the maximum number of redemptions have been reached or b) when the product program has concluded.

When will my cheque arrive?

SnapSaves sends out cheques on a weekly basis.

How do I reset my password?

SnapSaves has a reset password button. We will send you a new password to the email you provided.

Where is SnapSaves available?

Currently, SnapSaves is only available in Canada.

Can I have multiple accounts?

Only one account per person.

How do I get in touch with SnapSaves?

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact us at snapsupport@groupon.com or 1-877-741-5790.